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  • Logging using Loggly Monolog handler very slow

    I have added the Loggly PHP Monolog handler to Monolog and found that each log call takes around 1 second, rem...

    1 Loggly Success Engineer Answer 0 Community Answers Feb 20, 2017 03:05PM PST
  • Incorporating S3 access logs into Loggly?

    I'm trying to add S3 access logs into loggly. I've followed the instructions to add a S3 source. I&#...

    1 Loggly Success Engineer Answer 0 Community Answers Feb 19, 2017 03:33PM PST
  • AWS Cloudtrail shows loggly access but I have not data sources

    I have an account on Loggly but I never used it. I must have set something up because my Cloudtrail logs show ...

    0 Community Answers Feb 17, 2017 02:56PM PST
  • Loggly returns 500

    Using we are getting back 500 occasionally. Retrying the exact same...

    3 Community Answers Feb 16, 2017 11:03AM PST
  • We have errors in our system that cause the same messages over and ove...

    I was wondering if loggly had any way to so a list of unique messages. Example if 100 errors come in that are ...

    3 Loggly Success Engineer Answers 2 Community Answers Feb 14, 2017 04:53PM PST
  • how do i search by custom time range?

    seems to not be an easy or intuitive way to plug in a time range for say a two minute period.

    0 Community Answers Feb 13, 2017 02:06PM PST
  • Capture events from Netgear switch

    I followed the directions to setup NxLog on a Windows server to capture syslog entries from network devices an...

    0 Community Answers Feb 13, 2017 09:01AM PST
  • Live tail works, but no events

    I can see incoming traffic in the Live Tail, but haven't been able to see a single event in search or the...

    1 Loggly Success Engineer Answer 0 Community Answers Feb 10, 2017 08:49AM PST
  • Recommendations on viewing S3 archived Loggly data?

    We are archiving our Loggly data to S3, is there a recommended method to locally index/search the S3 log archi...

    1 Loggly Success Engineer Answer 0 Community Answers Feb 09, 2017 08:47AM PST
  • Customer token in URL

    Hi, I have a question regarding the customer token. In your documentation, it's clear that the customer ...

    1 Loggly Success Engineer Answer 1 Community Answer Feb 09, 2017 08:45AM PST
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